About OpenIMAJ Core Libraries

Submodule for modules containing functionality used across the OpenIMAJ libraries.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
The OpenIMAJ Core Library Core library functionality concerned with general programming problems rather than multimedia specific functionality. Includes I/O utilities, randomisation, hashing and type conversion.
The OpenIMAJ Core Image Library Core definitions of images, pixels and connected components. Also contains interfaces for processors for these basic types. Includes loading, saving and displaying images.
The OpenIMAJ Core Video Library Core definitions of a video type and functionality for displaying and processing videos.
The OpenIMAJ Core Audio Library Core definitions of audio streams and samples/chunks. Also contains interfaces for processors for these basic types.
The OpenIMAJ Core Math Library Mathematical implementations including geometric, matrix and statistical operators.
The OpenIMAJ Core Features Library Core notion of features, usually denoted as arrays of data. Definitions of features for all primitive types, features with location and lists of features (both in memory and on disk).
The OpenIMAJ Core Experiment Library Classes to formally describe experiments and evaluations, with support for automatically evaluating their results.
The OpenIMAJ Core Citation Library Tools for annotating code with publication references and automatically generating bibliographies for your code.
Core Aspect Oriented Programming Support Core support for Aspect Oriented Programming and Bytecode manipulation as used in core-citation and core-experiment