Check out the OpenIMAJ tutorial for installation instructions and some examples which show you how to use OpenIMAJ for the first time.


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git clone https://github.com/openimaj/openimaj.git

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Jonathon S. Hare, Sina Samangooei, and David P. Dupplaw. 2011. OpenIMAJ and ImageTerrier: Java libraries and tools for scalable multimedia analysis and indexing of images. In Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Multimedia (MM '11). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 691-694. DOI=10.1145/2072298.2072421 http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/2072298.2072421

Open Intelligent Multimedia Analysis for Java (OpenIMAJ)

OpenIMAJ is an award-winning set of libraries and tools for multimedia content analysis and content generation. OpenIMAJ is very broad and contains everything from state-of-the-art computer vision (e.g. SIFT descriptors, salient region detection, face detection, etc.) and advanced data clustering, through to software that performs analysis on the content, layout and structure of webpages.

The following short video gives a brief introduction to OpenIMAJ and our sister project ImageTerrier:

The library is available as a modular set of Jars and the source is freely available under a BSD-style license. If you use OpenIMAJ for academic work, we'd appreciate it if you reference us. To get started quickly with OpenIMAJ, we recommend you try the tutorial. For more information about installing the source code, integrating the jars with your java project or using the command line tools please consult the documentation menu above. The blog shows some cool examples of things we've been doing with OpenIMAJ and ImageTerrier.

Development of OpenIMAJ is hosted by Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Current development of OpenIMAJ is graciously funded by The European Union Seventh Framework under the ARCOMEM project. Click here more information on the history of OpenIMAJ.

University of Southampton FP 7 ARCOMEM