Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
OpenIMAJ Demos Demos showing the use of OpenIMAJ
sandbox A project for various tests that don't quite constitute demos but might be useful to look at.
touchtable Playground for the ECS touchtable
SimpleMosaic Demo showing SIFT matching with a Homography model to achieve image mosaicing.
CampusView Demo showing how we used OpenIMAJ to create a Street-View-esq capture system.
ACMMM-Presentation The OpenIMAJ presentation for ACMMM 2011. Unlike a normal presentation, this one isn't PowerPoint, but is actually an OpenIMAJ Demo App!
OpenIMAJ Examples Example code snippets showing specific functionalities
SimpleOCR Simple (numerical) OCR using template matching to extract the timestamps embedded in GlacsWeb time-lapse videos