About OpenIMAJ Image Processing Libraries

Submodule for image related functionality.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
The OpenIMAJ Image Processing Library Implementations of various image, pixel and connected component processors (resizing, convolution, edge detection, ...).
The OpenIMAJ Local Image Features Library Methods for the extraction of local features. Local features are descriptions of regions of images (SIFT, ...) selected by detectors (Difference of Gaussian, Harris, ...).
The OpenIMAJ Image Feature Extraction Library Methods for the extraction of low-level image features, including global image features and pixel/patch classification models.
The OpenIMAJ Face Detection + Recognition Library Implementation of a flexible face-recognition pipeline, including pluggable detectors, aligners, feature extractors and recognisers.
The OpenIMAJ Image Feature Extraction Library Methods for describing automatic image annotators
Object Detection Support for object detection, including a haar-cascade implementation
image-indexing-retrieval Subproject for CBIR related components
The OpenIMAJ Vector Image Library Support for vector images using the Batik SVG library
camera-calibration Camera calibration techniques and associated code
multiview OpenIMAJ Multiview reconstruction and 3D imaging library