About OpenIMAJ Tools

Sub-modules containing commandline tools exposing OpenIMAJ functionality.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
core-tool Core library for building openimaj tools
GlobalFeaturesTool A tool for extracting various global features from images.
ClusterQuantiserTool Tool for clustering and quantising features.
LocalFeaturesTool Tool for extracting local image features.
FaceTools Tools for detecting, extracting and comparing faces within images.
FeatureVisualisation Tools for visualising certain types of image feature.
CityLandscapeClassifier Tool for classifying images as cityscapes (or images containing man-made objects) or landscapes. Based on the edge direction coherence vector.
WebTools Tools and utilities for extracting info from web-pages.
OCR Tools Tools for training and testing OCR.
ImageCollectionTool Tool for extracting images from collections (zip, gallery, video etc.).
SimilarityMatrixTool A tool for performing operations on Similarity Matrices.
TwitterPreprocessingTool Tool for applying a text preprocessing pipeline to twitter tweets.
RedditHarvester A tool for harvesting posts and comments from reddit.
picslurper Tool for grabbing all the images from a social media stream and holding on to some simple stats
ReferencesTool Tool for running an OpenIMAJ program and extracting the references for used methods and classes.
OpenIMAJ Processing Set of tools for integrating OpenIMAJ with processing
CBIRTools Tools for content-based image indexing and retrieval