Maven is the project management tool that powers the OpenIMAJ project. OpenIMAJ has been released on a publicly visible maven repository and can be included into any existing Java Maven project through addition of dependencies in the project’s pom.xml. This page assumes knowledge of Maven; for further information on Maven please consult the maven documentation.

If you are new to Maven or creating a new project using the OpenIMAJ libraries, we suggest that you take a look at the OpenIMAJ Tutorial, and use the OpenIMAJ Maven Archetype described there to create your project.

OpenIMAJ as a Library

To successfully use OpenIMAJ as a library in your maven project you must first define the repository which contains the compiled OpenIMAJ jar files and then add the exact modules you require in your project’s pom.xml. This section provides details for the repository and pom details for each submodule.

The details for the OpenIMAJ repository are provided below

		<id>OpenIMAJ maven releases repository</id>
		<id>OpenIMAJ maven snapshots repository</id>

To use the repositories add this to the project element of your project’s pom.xml.

The individual submodules of OpenIMAJ may be included into your project. The following is the dependency for including the core OpenIMAJ submodule to your project; it must be appended to your project’s pom.xml dependencies element.


To include any other module simply change the artifactId to the name of the required module. A list of all the modules can be found here.